Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Goddess Metaphor

Almost all major religions center a male "god".   I am pulling from the feminist historic use of the "Goddess Metaphor", not because of a belief in any sort of supreme being, male of female, but because I want my forms to be unforgivingly female in a male-oriented society.  In fact, one of the main counter arguments to the Feminist Goddess Movement is that we will never know what our pre-historic ancestors worshipped, despite the large number of figurines and carvings depicting women that have been found. To me, the Goddess is a metaphor for striking balance in imbalance.  
This metaphor is meant to empower women (and men) to come together and make a difference.  Though women's rights have come a long way, we still have a long way to go.   As long as there is inequality between the sexes, as long as we have to fight for our right to chose, as long as rape culture persists, this metaphor remains relevant.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Artist Statement

My work explores how conversations happen and change depending on their context, how viewpoints are altered or withheld depending on the company or the situation of the conversation. In fact, even our own internal dialogue can be difficult based on our past experiences. However, when the environment is non-judgmental or we are allowed to remain anonymous, our authentic opinions are allowed to surface.

Websites such as have been tapping into this phenomena by allowing users to post their secrets online.  This cathartic activity allows one to speak unhindered.  By incorporating this concept into my own work, I hope to capture a glimpse into the unspoken and withheld.

The female form represents women as keepers of secrets, nurturers of our undisclosed thoughts. They are naked and exposed, yet willingly being used as reliquaries for what we suppress, of what we hesitate to say, of the real conversations that we avoid, whether with ourselves or with others.

I intend to take what we are not saying and make it public, to display what the uncensored has to say.   I invite everyone to join in this anonymous ritual, to give their confessions, their secrets, and their fears to these Goddesses, to reflect on what they are saying, and to consider their part in the larger conversation that includes all of our community.  I also encourage all who participate to take with them a memento as a reminder of our universal struggle to speak openly without fear being judged.